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For Sale

Description: 1911 (May) State Stamps2/- Red on Pink (Victorian ?d block of 12 & 1d block of 18) with Printing Within in Red on Blue-Green & the Back Cover with Revised Text BW #B6(V)D, the 1d block starting to separate along the folded perfs, a couple of very minor blemishes, Cat $6000++ (2003). Superior quality for the early booklets.

Only a handful have Survived
Before Federation, New South Wales had experimented with a booklet containing twelve 1d stamps on sale at 1/0d.  This did not find a ready market.  The early Commonwealth booklets also made a slow start.  In some States sales were so few that Post Offices took the stamps out of the booklet covers and sold them normally.  Most of the sales of complete booklets were to business houses who broke up the booklets in order to use the stamps.  Hence only a handful have survived to the present day.  Sales of the booklet containing 120 2d stamps were very poor and these were discontinued in 1909.

New 2/- booklets were issued in 1910 and 1911 again containing States stamps.  The 1910 booklet contained eleven d stamps and eighteen 1d stamps and was sold for 2/-.  The 1911 booklet was generally similar to the earlier one but with an additional d stamp.  Some examples of the later booklet can be found with the d stamp stuck back into the pane prepared for the earlier booklet by means of small pieces of gummed paper attached to the back.

NB: As stated in the introduction to the ACSC "Booklets" volume, "Catalogue prices for pre-1928 booklets are for booklet covers in good condition containing any number of the relevant stamps. This booklet is in well above average condition, and the contents are complete.
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Only a handful have Survived. Maybe 10 in the world

1911 2/- Booklet for VICTORIA with 18 x 1d & 12 x d.